Research information

Our purposes for doing research are to earn money for WCGS to cover operating expenses and to help others find out more about their Whitman County ancestors. Our research is done on a volunteer basis by WCGS members as time allows. We will process your request as soon as we are able and appreciate your patience.

Our minimum research fee is $10.00, which covers a maximum of one hour of research. In addition to this minimum fee, extra costs such as copies (15 cents per page) and postage are added. If you wish research beyond the initial hour, let us know the maximum amount of hours for which you are willing to pay as it helps us plan our research. Additional research costs $10.00 per hour, plus expenses (copying, postage, gas mileage for out of town trips, parking fees, etc.). We strongly encourage you to submit a pedigree chart and family group sheets to assist us with our research, as well as your e-mail address if you have one. Send the minimum deposit payable to WCGS and mail to: WCGS, P.O. Box 393, Pullman, WA 99163.

For the $10.00 initial fee, we will check the indices of the following resources and copy as much information (15 cents per page) as 1 hour allows:

  • 1880 Census index
  • 1890 Widows and Veterans census index
  • 1895 Plat Map Book and Index
  • An Illustrated History of Whitman County, State of Washington, W.H. Lever, Publisher, 1901
  • 1910 Plat Map Book and Index
  • “With the Colors” from Whitman County, 1917-1918-1919 (an Honor Roll of World War I Veterans)
  • Whitman County, Washington Families (an every name index to the newspaper and resource collection of Dorothy Sevier Matson): Volumes I, II and III
  • Whitman County, Washington History Every Name Index by Rai Cammack (an index of 52 previously unindexed Whitman County publications)
  • Celebrating Families of Whitman County, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 (1988 & 1989)
  • The Index to Tombstone Inscriptions of Whitman County, Washington
  • Whitman County Birth Records (1875-1907)
  • Whitman County Death Register (1891 to 1907) with Bonus Section (death records extracted from the Pullman Herald Newspaper, 1888 to 1929)
  • Whitman County Marriage Records (1872-1897)
  • Whitman County Probate Records (1869-1902)

If there is additional information in these resources we could not copy in the one hour limit, we will send you a copy of the index page(s) with your family name and ask if you wish further research. After the initial one hour, in addition to the above resources, other research might include (but is not limited to) the following:

  • 1883, 1885, 1887, and 1889 Whitman County Census records
  • Washington Pioneer Books (Vol. 1 & 2)
  • Additional books available in the Society library
  • Information at the Whitman County Courthouse
  • Information at the WSU Holland Library
  • Newspaper obituaries

If you have already checked any of the above listed resources, please let us know. Once we receive your initial $10.00 payment, we will begin our research. We will not go beyond the $10.00 minimum fee without your consent, and then only at an amount you indicate. When research is complete, we will mail you a final bill.

To contact our research coordinator click here