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Each year Whitman County Genealogical Society reviews Pullman High School Senior
Projects with the help of Kellie Glaze, PHS counselor, to find any projects which relate to family
history, genealogy, or history in general. If there are any such projects, WCGS then considers
awarding grant money to the senior to help with expenses associated with the project. This year
WCGS selected Evelyn Aguilar to receive $200 for her welding project. Following is Evelyn’s
description of her project along with several pictures. Congratulations, Evelyn!


My senior project was a welded piece as a memorial to Humboldt State University Marching
Lumberjack alumni who have passed on. The Marching Lumberjacks are the university=s marching
band and the school’s mascot is the Lumberjack. I plan to present the Memorial to the band at the
50th Reunion this November (2018).

The symbolism in my piece has special meaning throughout. The log represents the tree that
a lumberjack would cut down. The axe and hard hat placement signifies the end of the work day or
the completion of a task. The boots, along with the hardhat, are part of the uniform. The boots in my
piece are my actual boots that I have worn for all four years of metal shop, as well as in gigs with the
Marching Lumberjacks. Their placement is similar to that of the Fallen Soldier in the Armed Forces.

The last remaining item on my piece may not make any sense at first glance. Why is there a
rubber duckie? What does this have to do with a marching band or lumberjacks? The Marching
Lumberjacks end each gig by playing the song “Rubber Duckie” on their way out. This is called
ADucking Out@ by the band. By including the rubber duckie in this piece it represents those who have
ADucked Out@ and marched on to their next gig.

As I finish collecting the names of those who have passed, name plates will be added to the
front plaque area.

This piece is important to me because the Lumberjacks are my Afamily@. My parents met in
the band and I have been raised in the band. I even did my first gig at 5 days old. Once you have
become a member of the Marching Lumberjacks, even after you=ve graduated or moved on, you are
still a member. You are family. The Marching Lumberjacks have been a major influence on the
person that I have grown into today.

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